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October 03, 2022, 04:03:05 am
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Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!!

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Author Topic: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!!  (Read 3591 times)
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« Reply #315 on: January 11, 2011, 06:21:29 pm »

((btw i can play pokemon white and black in english , btw he had demonlike fur in my before post...the one with Otis.oh and P.s Pokemon Black and White are failures with the bad guys.))

        "Oh look, its a pokemon battle." says a crowd surrounding an andriod. The andriod stared anxiously at the crowd. "My name is L version 33. Please leave my sight." shouted the andriod. L33 sent out a mechinic pokeball, reaalesing a strange pokemon. The pokemon's fur looked just like Solomons.

"Hey! You, andriod! I'll challenge you. Don't harm those people!" shouted Solomon, his claws dripping blood, side to side. Oh crap, I forgot I'm a pokemon. Not human anymore thought Solomon. "My gawd! Its a talking pokemon! Run!" shouted the crowd.   "Oh, so if theres a robot no one runs, but if theres a talking pokemon...People run!" shouted Solomon preparing his move. L33 squinted its eyes, commanding the pokemon to do simple moves against Solomon. Solomon dodged and counter attacked all he could, but all these scrathes were really strong. "Pathetic, how could Lee lose to you? S0l0m0n destroy Solomon." the andriod commanded. The pokemon looked at its master. It nodded and jumped towards Solomon. "Ugh.....No...Remember what Proffesser C.J. said. Never give up." shouted Solomon,  sending a small beam of fire towards S0l0m0n. Bitey came out of it's pokeball and finished off the robot. "It's the end! Team Dark...Team Light....THEY'RE NOTHING BUT SOME USELESS  BAD GUY TEAM! All they want is the Darus region. Which me, Lee and someone named Kadaen are supposed to make. Well, NEVER!" shouted Solomon, bringing two balls of enrgy in his hands. Bitey stared at his master and began to contribute power to him. "Hey, kid! W-what the fvck are you doing to meeee???" shouted l33, disappearing into the light.

   Back at the Base, Cyrus stood up at his computer. The door leading to his room slamemd open. "Sir! They destroyed Project thirty-three and Project zero! Release the death ray?" shouted a grunt. Cyrus noded, smirking.
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For those of you who RP in Pokemon Fuse, Be happy. It has the most awesomest plot. I are the one who watches carefully.
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