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1  The Mall / The Restaurant / Re: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!! on: March 01, 2011, 06:43:31 pm
Solomon scraped his fur, looking at a beam of light. The beam of light began to turn dark and fizzle. Tiny pieces of  fire land on the ground as trainers screamed. The flaming stopped and they opened up a lare capsule, opening other pokemon that are said to destroy the world such as Crionki, Gronchy, Balleki, and Flecki. Solomon growled at the pokemon as they moved towards him, making him faint.


Otis stared at the fainting demon-like pokemon, he stared at it to see his brother. "Solomon...What happened? No...No...This isn't how fate is! Cyrus must've heard how his fate would end. Ngh..... There is only one way to get help... Lee and Kaeden. Unless they already turned into pokemon.... First, Brother needs to get towards a pokemon center, I don't care if I'm not supposed to help. But, He's my brother!" shouted Otis. The man picked up the beast and dragged it towards the nearest Pokemon center
2  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: I didn't make one.... on: January 18, 2011, 05:47:21 pm
Mijimaru!!!!!! is a fail. I want me Snivy.
3  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: yeah newbness! on: January 18, 2011, 05:46:46 pm
You should be.
4  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: My intro :O on: January 12, 2011, 05:08:33 pm
Yes I am....Check the PMs....
5  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: yeah newbness! on: January 12, 2011, 05:07:46 pm
Akward...I'll just go back to planning some more plot...
6  The Mall / The Restaurant / Pokemon Fuse Discussion Thread on: January 12, 2011, 05:05:30 pm
Hello all others! Feel free to discuss about Pokemon Fuse!
7  The Mall / The Restaurant / Re: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!! on: January 12, 2011, 05:04:07 pm
((Ok bassicly Solmon is turning into a pokemon. You guys can too if ya want. And yes, All the past Evil Teams from Pokemon are involved. Even the ones from Pokemon B&W. I'll just make a discussion thread...))
8  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: yeah newbness! on: January 11, 2011, 06:24:58 pm
9  The Mall / The Restaurant / Re: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!! on: January 11, 2011, 06:21:29 pm
((btw i can play pokemon white and black in english , btw he had demonlike fur in my before post...the one with Otis.oh and P.s Pokemon Black and White are failures with the bad guys.))

        "Oh look, its a pokemon battle." says a crowd surrounding an andriod. The andriod stared anxiously at the crowd. "My name is L version 33. Please leave my sight." shouted the andriod. L33 sent out a mechinic pokeball, reaalesing a strange pokemon. The pokemon's fur looked just like Solomons.

"Hey! You, andriod! I'll challenge you. Don't harm those people!" shouted Solomon, his claws dripping blood, side to side. Oh crap, I forgot I'm a pokemon. Not human anymore thought Solomon. "My gawd! Its a talking pokemon! Run!" shouted the crowd.   "Oh, so if theres a robot no one runs, but if theres a talking pokemon...People run!" shouted Solomon preparing his move. L33 squinted its eyes, commanding the pokemon to do simple moves against Solomon. Solomon dodged and counter attacked all he could, but all these scrathes were really strong. "Pathetic, how could Lee lose to you? S0l0m0n destroy Solomon." the andriod commanded. The pokemon looked at its master. It nodded and jumped towards Solomon. "Ugh.....No...Remember what Proffesser C.J. said. Never give up." shouted Solomon,  sending a small beam of fire towards S0l0m0n. Bitey came out of it's pokeball and finished off the robot. "It's the end! Team Dark...Team Light....THEY'RE NOTHING BUT SOME USELESS  BAD GUY TEAM! All they want is the Darus region. Which me, Lee and someone named Kadaen are supposed to make. Well, NEVER!" shouted Solomon, bringing two balls of enrgy in his hands. Bitey stared at his master and began to contribute power to him. "Hey, kid! W-what the fvck are you doing to meeee???" shouted l33, disappearing into the light.

   Back at the Base, Cyrus stood up at his computer. The door leading to his room slamemd open. "Sir! They destroyed Project thirty-three and Project zero! Release the death ray?" shouted a grunt. Cyrus noded, smirking.
10  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: My intro :O on: January 11, 2011, 06:10:45 pm
Is it Ron Weasely?HuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuh??
Oh and by the why, Hiya. I'm the Global Mod 'round these parts. Partner.
11  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: I didn't make one.... on: January 11, 2011, 06:09:26 pm
Its a hard decison, but who cares! I choose you uhhh....Arceus!!!!! Or if you ant it, I choose Mijumar
12  The Dojo / Introductions / I didn't make one.... on: January 09, 2011, 08:34:34 pm
Hello, I'm teh dead pokemon who will be very helpful around these parts. DONT FORGET ABOUT TEH SNIVY'S AND OSHAWATTS!!!! Sorry about that. I am a 14 year old roleplaying guy who loves pokemon. But so much for the 5th gen starters. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE NAMED SOMETHING STUPID LIKE TEPIG AND SNIVY AND OSHAWATT!
13  The Dojo / Introductions / Re: Intro. on: January 09, 2011, 08:31:54 pm
14  The Mall / The Restaurant / Re: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!! on: January 09, 2011, 08:25:14 pm
Solomon walked away from his place. His demonlike fur shined in the sun as he searched for a shelter. "There it is....The altar...." Solomon said as he sees a strange device sticking out the ground. He walked towards it, clawing the item. A strangr figure walks towards Solomon. " HEY KIDDO! YOU WANT A OSHAWATT?!?" shouted the strange figure. "An oshawhat??? I thought this was Fuse region not no freaking Unova!!!Fuse I say, Fuse!"shouted Proffeser C.J.(havent seen him ina while. plus enough random. More plot ) Back at the Team Dark Base...., "Sir, I have released the form of the beast." says a Mysterious figure Unleash ....L33.....It will challenge Lee and make him lose. Lee will regret this little battle. Soon, This whole world of Pokemon is now The whole world of Humans. The Darus Region will be created. Leave my sight, b1tch." someone sitting in a rather evil seat. Standing up, he reveals his face. "Mister Cyrus,How are we Galatic people gonna be part of this?" says a Grunt. Cyrus smirks at the grunt, "No and yes. Galatic Grunts will live in the Darus Region. They will be the soldiers of our World."

((Oh and I've stopped G-Modding. I'll qut if ya want me too.))
15  The Mall / The Restaurant / Re: Pokemon Fuse: The Dark/Light new journey!!! on: October 11, 2010, 09:19:54 pm
((New character alrert! Mystery Villain and now this became more scary  Shocked Shocked A new series of pokemon has come!!!!!

Name: Unknown(Mysteriously known as Otis)
Age: Unknown(mysterious  seen in year 1600)
Main type: Ground/fire
Pokémon on team: A last evolution of Hunter (lv. 1 but mysteriously is as powerful as lv. 100)
Personality: brags alot saying his brother is the champion, orignally Solomon's rival and brother to the II champion, killed thousands of people, killed Misty and mysteriously married Dawn
Appearance: looks like Death but  his hood is down showing his blooded face, has a golded outline across the blood stripes of his shirt
Power: Seems to take pokemon to Pokemon Hell or Pokemon Hell, has the spirit of LigJaws and Darjaws))
 Hours after the experiment, Solomon relised this was real. "LIGJAWS! Come on out!" he shouted. Solomon tried to unleash his pokemon. Nothing.... he thought.   The professer was right, Solomon would become the devil of the world. But  what had happened of Ash? Probaly became a monster because of his destiny, thats how evrey hero comes. Solomon's hideous face walked across the shadows. When he walked into a house, news came of a new champion. "HELLO ALL OF FUSE REGION! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! His room is sealed tight, it seems as he is evil. But  we must do what we must do." shouted the news reporter. It seemed to talk to him. The only compainion that was still with Solomon was Bitey, the giant red-colored hunter looking pokemon seemed to destruct their base. Solomon began to walk a long row of places, it seemed so sad. He looked at his hands....Blooded fury hands. Why is the Pokemon World so cruel and so competititive. Maybe that's why we're all here. But....I'll need answers Solomon thought, begining to think of his powers. He changed his appearance to something humanish. His clothes where the same as Ash, but with a different hair color......Black? Brown? Blonde! Solomon knew this was right...But he had to stay low with a new name. How about Dave? Yes...the idea was complete, now a new voice. Hello, My name is Dave he said, in a much deeper voice. Now this was perfect. Solomon Dave walked towards the docters office, to see his 'friends' problem. But there the enemy was, reading the ol' newspaper. Sitting in one of the patients chair.

Otis was smirking, Ash had a new hair dye? His old enemy came. "Hello Solomon, trying to disguise yourself bro?" he asked. Solomon looked shcoked, this couldn't be his brother. Not Otis. Otis's accident had  scars  bleeding alot, it was from Bitey's bite which Otis ahd disaccepted. But there was one mistake nobody knew. Otis could kill anyone in this room in one blow and no one would notice. Too bad Death would take his job away. But this was a matter of pokemon and death. He had 50 poke on his hands, He could buy a plane and fly away. But, he stayed here to be the pokemon's Death. They feared him and he escorted them.
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